Treating and observing people over 20 years, I am firmly convinced we were born for movement. Static positions such as prolonged computer use, or a repetitive dynamic action such as hours of cycling, or running contribute to muscular imbalance, which in turn creates dysfunction and subsequently pain.

In our education our focus is on “fixing the pain” and as a result we often focus on the joint or joints that are painful. As careers evolve we often begin to see things in a new light, and practitioners with expertise tell us “dont treat the pain.” My physical therapy career has spanned a variety of experiences. My first physical therapy position was in Missoula, MT, where I worked in a local outpatient orthopedic clinic treating ranchers, loggers, firefighters, college athletes and folks of all ages. I moved back to Colorado and then was the medical director for a new physical therapy clinic specializing in workers compensation. People can hurt themselves in all kinds of ways! I saw and treated a lot of unique injuries!


Our goal is to offer high quality physical therapy and one on one yoga sessions.

My “treatment philosophy” has evolved from a blend of participating in and teaching yoga, using movement screens and utilizing triggerpoint dry needling, TDN as a treatment. Treatments focus upon the interaction of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems and how prolonged postures or positioning can affect our bodies.

Presently our company accepts Medicare, Medpay (Auto), credit cards, cash, checks, health savings accounts and flexible spending accounts.   We have elected not to participate in many insurances, as the majority of insurance companies have deeply discounted physical therapy services and require pre approval for PT. Physical Therapists are required to spend more and more time on paperwork that insurance companies require and the result is less one on one time with your PT.

Our company does accept Medicare, Rocky Mountain Health Plans, PHCS.

The Colorado Physical Therapy practice act allows direct access for patients.