The Yoga Movement Screen is an in depth objective assessment tool that can be used to identify both functional and dysfunctional movement patterns in an individual. The screen is based on an in depth view of functional anatomy as it relates to yoga. The YMS uses 9 foundational poses to objectively address movement patterns in an individual. The YMS starts a participant on a series of asanas to address their movement patterns, muscular imbalances, restrictions, Core and balance issues. The Yoga Movement Screen is offered in Denver, at Whole Yoga Denver (click here) and our Boulder office.

Neuromuscular Strategies offers Yoga Movement Screen for individuals, as well as a course for Yoga Instructors.

The following testimonial of the Yoga Movement Screen is a great description from one of our course participants.

“For anyone thinking about taking this training, it was fantastic! The Yoga Movement Screen offers something for any type of instructor.  If you are interested in offering/already offer privates, it is essential! This will help you clearly tailor student movement in a way that can show visible results and allow your clients to find greater mobility in their practice.  It is great for people at any ability level…elderly to athlete.  Additionally, you will enjoy learning a variety of therapeutic and restorative asanas, inner core exercises, and deep relaxation techniques. Vajra and Satya provide a wealth of knowledge and experience.  The course was great!”

JG Manitou Springs

The yoga movement screen philosophy is based in the Selective Functional Movement Assessment and the Functional Movement Screen systems.